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Hour 2: Root View Controller Error

In the latest Xcode releases you will see an error regarding a missing root View Controller when running the HelloXcode application. To satisfy the requirement, simply add this line to the code provided: self.window.rootViewController=[UIViewController new];

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Hour 14: Table 14.1 Missing

Table 14.1 is referenced at the end of page 452, but isn’t included in the book. The missing table is reproduced here:  

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@synthesize added automatically in Xcode 4.4+

Sick of typing a @synthesize line for every property? Install Xcode 4.4 (now available on the Mac App Store) and let Xcode do it for you!

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Xcode 4.3+ has a new home

If you install new versions of Xcode from the App Store, you’ll notice that they no longer install under a “/Developer” directory. Xcode now lives under the main Applications directory. The Developer directory is still present, but it’s just located

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Hour 13: UINavigationController Changes

In Xcode 4.3 and later, Apple has changed what happens when you add a navigation controller to your project. Instead of giving you a blank UIViewController (labeled “Root View Controller”) to do with as you please, it links you to

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UIViewController and Other Classes No Longer Available Directly

In the most recent versions of Xcode (and future versions), classes such as UIViewController are not available as separate selections when adding a new class to your project. Instead, choose to create a new Objective-C class, then, on the second

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Hour 14 FlowerColorTable Error

In the process of trying to consolidate examples for this latest edition, I introduced a bug into the Hour 14 “FlowerColorTable” project. To display the flower images in this tutorial, I used the name of the flower as the name

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Hour 19: Image picker must be displayed in a popover

In the MediaPlayground tutorial, the image picker MUST be presented in a popover on the iPad. This was overlooked in the text, but can be easily implemented using the techniques discussed in Hour 11: Introducing Multiple Scenes and Popovers. To

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